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Your Profit Yielding Partner

Welcome to ARC MONEY

ARC MONEY is unique as an independent cryptocurrency based finance and investment platform, performing efficiently potential networked daily business activities in following domains of business

ARC MONEY is a first ever business clustered online point as few among the networks placing actual insight views as much as possible to our members on our operational lines in both streams of investments and financial services with no boundaries as an independent network. we have been committed to realistic and timely profit-making strategies with our extended services like crypto loan and coin loan, along with our daily stable profits at crypto mining, cryptocurrency trading with a strong risk mitigation policy in our business principles.

We gather here only interested individuals, who are willing to contribute as members of our network and we keep ensuring their profitability by realistic long-term returns on their contributed investments by stable daily profits. We believe in building long-term partnerships with our members and customers.

More about us

We operate based on a culture of “integrity, respect, judgment, tenacity, and commitment.” This is a key competitive advantage for our network. We are long-term investors, and we seek to invest consistently across market cycles.

At ARC MONEY, we believe in long-term partnerships. By working closely with our members and service opted customers to attain higher scale, enhance operations and maximize value.
We believe the disciplined, loyal, composite business will get huge strong loyal fellowships as clients and co-investors leading to success, that will succeed forever until these principles are stable daily.
"Always invest for the long term; Successful Investing takes time, discipline and patience. No matter how great the talent or effort, some things just take time: You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant" - Warren Buffet
"If a business does well, the stock eventually follows. - Warren Buffet"

We believe in our ability to make accurate decisions by our ongoing practice of giving higher weigh on ways to analyze all the possible risk factors, then to mitigate the risk factors underlying in prior to profiting in each stream of our diversified portfolio.
We are strong in culting auto-processing functionals to avoid incurrance of loss in critical points of investments be it cryptocurrency trading, cryptocurrency mining and complicated point of decision making with pre-analyed stand on approval rates with mitigation to future market drop downs for our secured finance (Loan, Pawn) services.

Investment Management Service enabling a daily stable profits by pooled investment funds in real investment plans until the end of plan tenure chosen by the member in time of deposit.

Instant secured loan by pledging-in a crypto-asset for individuals.

Secured and stipulated time-framed short term loans to existing online micro/macro projects or start-up projects backed by technology or technology enabled services.

Intra-day stock, forex, crypto market predictions with assurance on accurate profit making logical charts pre-derived by a keen and unique conceptive calculation on day to day planetary movements influencing the market at 80% and the investor at 20%.

Our Portfolio

This is what exactly we do with the pooled investment