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Your Profit Yielding Partner

ARC MONEY is an independent enterprising network being operated in stream of investment management services by managing the pool investment funds or the collective investment funds within the pre-disclosed portfolio domains of operations as for trading, cryptomining, secured short-term loans to the eligible technology backed start-ups or existing online projects, and secured long-term loans to individuals.


ARC MONEY is still an evolving network with a strong backup not only in terms of financial scale, but also the absolute requirements for each domains we operate as investment management with a limited and determined portfolio in complete confident on our decade grown experience in market and technical risk mitigation along with a scaled of skill set to play a keen safe role being at highly responsible to enhance our member's confidence on our network.

Conceptive Focus

ARC MONEY has a clear and keen conceptive focus on the tomorrow's business structure to be culted soon with a long-term supportive measures in maintaining our stability to sustain as the pioneer in concepts of online finance and investment concepts carefully structured from a thought process to business process by our unique service of instant loans against crypto-assets online with nil paper work. This concept stands unique since our service will be optimized for global customers* and online project operators or administrators* to get their required loan amount ranging from $300 USD up to $40000 USD in e-currencies (Perfect Money, Payeer, Paypal, Payoneer - USD/EUR/RUB) and International Cards (VISA/MASTER). Further this is secured online loan against pledged-in crypto-assets (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum classic, etc) for upto 82.5% as maximum of its market value as instant loan amount on a most nominal interest rate and their preferred term of interest (daily/weekly/monthly). This mode of loan would definitely support them from unplanned liquidation of their crypto-assets for immediate fund necessities for any reason.

Having online cryptofinance as our major conceptive focus point towards the near future product of lending industry, at present we are into the course of adopting a strong AML policy to avoid the chaos in time after instance. And we are much glad in keeping a note here that we would start operating soon the complete digital lending systems from July 1st, 2021 with all technical and security measures in place to serve appropriate as promised as instant services to our customers by two various lending structures as CRYPTOLOAN and COINLOAN.

Despite of immensity and complexity of tasks, set in front of ARC MONEY, there are all presuppositions for its further successful development.

The important feature of forex market is stability. Everyone knows that the main feature of a stock market - its sudden falls. But as opposed to the stock market, forex doesn't fall. If stocks went down in value, it's wreck. And if a dollar has fallen in value, it just means that other currency has become stronger. Exactly therein lay the strength of the market and relevant business: currency is an absolutely liquid goods and it will always be traded. But there are also popular pitfalls, e.g. that operations on the market are an analogue of gambling: players make their parlays, somebody wins, and moreover a lot of money at once, others lose. Consequently, risks are very high. But ARC MONEY is not gambling as at bottom of fluctuation of exchange rates there are definite regularities. Firstly, currency value depends on economic indicators of a country, and secondly, this value is defined by preferences and expectations of market participants. Though it is complex but it is possible to forecast. Direct work on the market proves this as long as its analysis has more objective in it that accidental.

Utilization of Investment

Illustration based on our actual fund management policy being regulated for each deposit we receive in as investment. 35% of each deposit is maintained as backup fund and 10% of deposit is being spent for referral commissions; The further 65% is operated with a carefully determined portfolios in two three splits as Trading, Mining, and Lending as charted below.

Daily Expenditure Control & Daily Profit-making Target

Illustration based on the daily expenditure control and safelined target on profit-making business operations to attain an average 0.80% profit after a daily expenditure in two splits of recurring contribution to Marketing and residual streaming to IRM Funds ensuring a safer returns of investors principal deposit, with each portfolio at every business day.