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Your Profit Yielding Partner

General questions

If you wish to start an investment with ARC MONEY you must first become a member of our network, you can signup compiling the registration form clicking on the Signup page.

Compile the form with your username, email account, password and your e-currencies accounts aswell. Now you're able to log in to your account, choose your preferred investment plan and then scroll down to select the payment system and then the amount you would choose to deposit then click on “Deposit” button on account area. You are able to make deposit through your e-currency account.

Here at ARC MONEY we offer only REAL investment profits, you need to understand these are actual and practically possible profit-making scale in the portfolio we manage. You need to consider the fact that for a long term cooperation no one can offer a high percentage in any kind of investment. Your principal with us will be safe and you can make several investments for the upcoming years. You can also get back your principal by the end of plan or after the principal lock-in period.

The durations of our investment plans will end in 30 days to 360 days basis the investment plan you choose during your deposit, and you can withdraw your profit daily or weekly as you choose during your deposit.

Using the compounding option means that you instruct ARC MONEY payment processor to automatically re-invest a certain percentage of your daily or weekly payouts back into your active investment total. You can set this percentage in the range between 0 and 100%, and the option can be turned-off following your wishes. This lead to an exponential growth of your active principal amount, Please note you will only be able to withdraw the compounded profit at the end of your investment plan and not if you choose to withdraw your Principal investment after the mandate principal lock-period before the plan duration ends.

In simple words, compounding means reinvesting the income earned from an investment at the same rate of return at which original investment was made, to increase the principal. Compounding was once called Compound Interest, because its appeal comes from the interest your account earns, which is added to your account total and earns more interest. Investing is one way to make sure your money compounds over time.

Our Customer Support team will respond your e-mails in 24 hours including weekends and official holidays, but you can contact us 24/7 through the online chat & social networks like twitter, telegram, linkedin and hangout.

We do have a break-time scheduled for our support team during official online meetings and conference with members and representatives planned for the current calendar year as follows
1. 28-Sep-21: Online Conference with Members & Representatives
2. 21-Oct-21: Online Conference with Members & Representatives
3. 14-Nov-21: Online Conference with Members & Representatives

We'll be glad to help you at any time by telegram, twitter, hangout, online chat support or e-mail. You can see all contact information in the Contact Section. We will introduce also a phone line in the near times.

Nobody can guarantee your investment and if they do: they are lying! What we can assure you is that our whole business instrument and this dedicated team has proven a consistent and stable work record as real-time practical observatory from May 2, 2021 till June 22, 2021 with all keen focus respect to risk measures and possible scalability of business at an economical costing structure and in addition - our investment strategy ensures that at any given moment not more than 45% of your principal is exposed to market risk, since we keep making a higher contribution on secured loans than trading.

When markets are falling, we make more money than during bull markets. We are highly specialized in "short-selling" strategies which allow us to realize significant gains from falling prices, and dont forget we're also helping with the crowdfunding strategy in our unique loan products beside contribution to mining pools and cloud mining projects with a cautious note on economical costing measures.

Beside all this best practices, policies and functional SOPs we keep you adviced that all investments being contributed towards any trade market are subjected to market risk, So please invest only what you afford to risk-in by your sole discretion as willing interest.

Yes, the daily plan will generate earnings on all calendar days: so 7 days a week; weekly plan consists in 7 calendar days profit. Aside this we do have a solid planned business roster which consists of holidays as follows
1. 25th Dec (Christmas Eve)
2. 26th Dec (Christmas)
3. 31st Dec (New Year's Eve)
4. 1st Jan (New Year Day)

For security reasons we always proceed paying manually every withdrawal request you make and you will receive your payouts within 6 hours from the time of request.

ARC MONEY has Sectigo SSL. It assures all transferring data between you and our servers be encrypted to prevent a third party to steal your information. But this is not enough as because our server and our datas stored in our hard disks are fully encrypted with last AES encryption algorithm.

ARC MONEY is hosted on server with a really strong DDoS protection. ARC MONEY tech team and our DDoS partner are doing their best for keep the website 100% available. But if you faced any trouble accessing our website please clear your browser caches and cookies and if the problem remains, email us the issue: [email protected]

Please note that ARC MONEY is intented for Real investors, this project is opened mainly for private willing individuals. If you are a monitor or a so called promoter please dont flood our mail server with your requests, we are not encouraged with any sort of huge paid promotions and premium monitorings as we have a huge responsibility on real-time profit already our own team making advertizings on different channels, and if we might need some monitor our team will contact them directly.

ARC MONEY offers 10% Referral bonus for members and up to 20% bonus for Class A Monitors and Promoters facilitating them to offer a higher RCB beenfits to their referrals.

We welcome willing individuals with strong experience on being an intersected connective legends between members and the business team with keen volunteer mindset to cascade the opinions and stands of both the sides without any overlap or crumbs in regular basis. Moderators would be organizing the members occupancy and presence on officially scheduled business conferences online. The moderator ensures by overseeing the deliverance of committed results to the members.
ARC MONEY have framed some basic criteria to elect our moderators as listed below
1. Need to be an active member of ARC MONEY with a mininum active deposit to any of our investment packages. 2. Active and responsive social network accounts at telegram, twitter, facebook and instagram.
3. Exposure and Experience in social networks as reviewers, influencers with a decent quantum of followers or group members.
4. Expected to have atleast few years of experience as an investor online with basic knowledge about payment systems, cryptocurrency market and site level membership operations as deposits, withdraws, compounding% and interest calculations.
5. Potential to make large referral flows from time to time with a complete and accurate knowledge sharing to their followers and prospects, without any overwhelming hypes by false information, miscommunication, and worthless praises.

Monitors are the 3rd party observatories who owns or clubbed in with investment forums to discuss about the performance of an investment project by its standards of service and consistent result deliverance, with proof of work by the investment returns in regular payments they receive from the Project they list in their monitor or discuss in their forum.
ARC MONEY has a totally diversified policy in choosing and official business engagement with monitors; since we are into a responsible focus ensuring always a worthy spend to stay at safe economic standard in order to sustain our long-term partnerships with our members. The authenticated list of monitors engaged with ARC MONEY will always displayed on Rate Us page enabling you to place a rating with comments on your investment experience with us.

Unlike most other online investment projects, ARC MONEY allows member to withdraw the invested principal amount before the completion of plan days chosen by member during deposit, and to withdraw the principal investment each investment plan has a principal lock-in period after which the member can withdraw the principal investment.
Additional Information:
There is no option for partial withdrawal on Principal investment; Only 100% Principal withdraw requests will be accepted. And post withdrawal of Principal investment there will not be any daily earnings to the member's account for the remaining days.
In case of such need to Partial withdraw on Principal investment, Member can place a 100% Principal withdrawal request and once it is received in 6 Hours to your wallet, again you can make a deposit of your preferred amount to desired investment plan on same day.

Everyone can! You don't need to be a famous social media blogger or experienced in business.

Just contact us and we provide you all details.

You will earn 10% from all amount your referrals deposited. And more you will get all information before everyone else.