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Your Profit Yielding Partner

ARCMONEY.CC & KASSA.CC, a Russian Exchange

August 25, 2021
ARCMONEY is again in an extended service betterment enabling investors to access our affiliated Russian based single window exchange for external transfers from and to any desired digital FIAT or cryptocurrency format in a single click.


July 28, 2021
ASTROMONEY is an extended service from ARCMONEY.CC facilitating the subscribers / users of this specific services to obtain a cosmic range of astrological solution as a prediction report on the upcoming trends of markets in Stock, Forex, and Cryptocurrency.

We offer an ultimately unique service portfolio as the name here above stands "ASTRO-MONEY" as it's termed - We map our accurate calculative derivation on planetary influence in each timeline upon each conceptive elements of market listings be it U.S. Stock Exchange, Cryptocurrency (Selective Crypto) and working on for the better accuracy to predict Forex Market as well. We've practiced all these calculus with our financial astrologers who're expertise in predicting any market entity or elements by their decade grown conceptive experience out of in-depth practically possible financial forecast analysis too. We're making it to this allied campaign for ARC MONEY as a pilot version of our main frame project which is expected to be launched after Jan'2022.


July 10, 2021
Cryptoloan is an additional functional unit of ARC MONEY, launched officially on July 1, 2021. Cryptoloan stands for it's functional name as we provide secured loans against crypto-collaterals for universal individuals in major affirmative currencies as USD, EUR, UAD and RUB. We consider a wide range of crypto-assets to be scaled in as pledge-able assets like BTC, ETH, LTC, and BCH; And definitely we're looking for a possible way to added in further more in this list. We offer instant loans ranging from $100 USD to $10000 USD through a transparent application assessment and sanctioning process.

We have come up with a top secured vaulting system of preserving the collateralled crypto-assets until the loan tenures for our customers. We strongly believe this would be a boon to one and all who faces a typical cash crunch by necessity of liquid funds at their digital currency accounts and cards without diluting their crypto-assets. We offer a most flexible options in choosing your loan tenure and interest schedule from daily 0.25% to monthly 9.99% which makes our clients to be in peace to complete their purpose of loan until the loan tenure opted during loan approval.

These lendings are being funded in two streams, from ARCMONEY.CC capital reserve and a standard proportion of our members deposit to our investment management services at www.arcmoney.cc; However there are numerous crypto-lending platforms around the web, we stand unique in terms of flexibility in tenure, very nominal rate of interest and highest asset valuation that results in loan approval possibilities up to 75.75% of market value.


August 19, 2021


August 10, 2021
As a members profitable promotions with a complete range of bonus rates applicable from the minimum deposit $30 USD to higher deposits as well. Its designed and declared to be much favorable for early joiners/depositors under this HOT DEAL HOURS.


July 22, 2021
Courtesy - Cryptopassive
We take a look at Cryptoloan from Arcmoney. What is Cryptoloan?


July 6, 2021
Thanks to our member - LegitPlatforms for this review - Thanks to Tom!

|| Review of the best platform 😍arcmoney🔘 0.75% daily for 360 days 🔥 registered company join here - LegitPlatforms||


July 5, 2021
RATE US web page has been updated with all information and details about our authenticated monitors
Further we'll be including the blogs and web published forum articles in same page, in purpose of accessibility to our members and visitors to track our performance in daily and weekly measures. Members who have an active investments with us can also place your votes and comments in those monitors and forums which will add us a strong motivation towards a devoted responsibility to maintain our service excellence and definitely to improve our service standards further ahead.
We believe the real awards and rewards follows and flows in only when the purity of service stands first!


July 3, 2021
Thanks to our first Moderator - Cryptopassive!Honest review without any unwanted praises or exaggeration- Thanks to Cryptopassive!

|| An investment platform that pays out between 0.2 to 0.75% daily with the ability to compound your earnings. This is not a high paying platform but they believe in the long term making the payouts reasonable in order to be viable - CryptoPassive||

ARC HUB Launched

July 3, 2021
The long awaited ARC HUB is now open to access by all our members, representatives, monitors, promoters and moderators. Soon we'll have a busy market of discussions on all topics A-Z.

ARC HUB Concept

June 30, 2021
The first ever private network exclusively for our team is on it's launching phase and this is just a heads-up information on its purpose of being effortfully created for our members, representatives, monitors, moderators, administration team staffs and guests.

Our administration team have come up with this unique thought, having a private secured hub within our network which would enable our members to socialize with one and all being here in move towards a long-term partnerships. We believe this might take us all united and bonded strong as one team to travel longer times ahead!


  • June 24, 2021

    Our entire business instrument, carefully framed out of devoted and dedicated sincerity for investment management has accomplished a trial of 50 days successfully.

    By the completion result of this trial with limited members, we are expediting our journey with immense gladness to take up new members' registration from June 27, 2021 with all sincere pride and determined confidence to keep our commitment in every deliverance, right from your first day of membership until forever and we assure this!