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Your Profit Yielding Partner

Payment Process

At present we accept the below found payment systems for transactions in ARC MONEY
Perfect Money (USD)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)

We process payments manually considering our payment processors security.

Every withdrawals are processed in minimum 4 hours and maximum within 6 hours from the time of your withdrawal request.

You can start invest from just $30 USD. Maximum amount for on-line investment is $10000 USD.

We don't have any individual offers for investment more than $10000. Any provision of investment beyond the fixed maximum limit $10000 USD will result in dilution of our fund management policy. We would definitely move on to the higher slab of maximum investment limitation only after scaling up the current business desk activities.

Yes, the daily plan will generate earnings on all calendar days: so 7 days a week; weekly plan consists in 7 calendar days profit. Aside this we do have a solid planned business roster which consists of holidays as follows
1. 25th Dec (Christmas Eve)
2. 26th Dec (Christmas)
3. 31st Dec (New Year's Eve)
4. 1st Jan (New Year Day)

Payments are processed within 6 Hours from the time of your withdrawal request in every calendar day other than the pre-announced holidays listed below
Christmas Eve (25th Dec)
Christmas (26th Dec)
New Year's Eve (31st Dec)
New Year (1st Jan)

Perfect Money : $0.50 USD
Bitcoin: $15.00 USD
Ethereum: $15.00 USD

Referral commissions are paid on business closing hours of every weekday; Payments are made to your membership account which you could either withdraw to your external wallet by placing a withdrawal request or you can also make a new deposit of same when your referral commission suits to any investment plan by its value.

Once you make a deposit in and the investment plan started its accrual calculation it is highly risk to change or swap your payment system. But still you can exchange your earnings to your preferred choice of payment system before every withdrawal using our internal exchange.
Please note every internal exchange will be consuming a % of exchange fee based on daily cryptocurrency market. So its better to be pre-determined during your deposit to any investment plan on choosing a suitable payment system basis your desired amount of deposit.